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Lampedusa: information and tips about Lampedusa, beaches, coasts, sea and tourist destinations for your holidays in the island of Lampedusa, in Sicily, Italy.

Information & Tips about Lampedusa:

The island of Lampedusa in Sicily, Italy, with its 20 square kilometers, is the largest island in the archipelago of Pelagie, right in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Thanks to its optimal climate – Summers are, in fact, hot but not sultry due to the sea breeze constantly blowing – it is an ideal destination for those who want to spend their holidays immersed in the uncontaminated nature. Notwithstanding the poor extension of the island of Lampedusa, you can find several different habitats here: the prairie, the steppe and the garrigue, each with its own peculiarities and a unique charm.

But surely Lampedusa's main attraction is the sea; when the waters of the Mediterranean Sea are calm, it takes less than four hours to go on a sea tour around the island to discover all the most striking places and the most beautiful and hidden beaches. There are also numerous small coves that can be reached by sea: they are all small, uncontaminated and almost unknown to mass tourism; we can mention, among others, Cala Croce and Cala Madonna, the waters of which are particularly deep and suitable for expert swimmers, and Cala Galera with its splendid grotto.

The renowned Isola dei Conigli is undoubtedly worth visiting with its homonym beach located few dozens of meters far: the beach of Conigli is made up of fine, white sand and the island, in front of it, can be reached on foot, by walking along the sea bed in the hot and clean water. You can also get there by canoe, if you like, and you can hire a canoe on the coast. There is a wildlife reserve on the island including both the beach of Conigli and the island of Conigli; this reserve is one of the fewest places in the Mediterranean area where turtles "Caretta Caretta" still lay their eggs.

Cala Uccello and Cala Pisana are also wonderful and they are particularly attractive for divers who can admire the variety of fish of which these waters are especially rich.

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